5 Ways to Better Oneself with Meditation

By: Darlene Lam and Lethi Lee

October 3, 2018

   A stressed-out mind never leads to any good, and it seems like no matter how many painkillers you take or how many breaks you have, there's still a headache waiting around the corner. If not trying to fix an ongoing problem, maybe you want to better yourself at something such as helping your attention span grow. Luckily, there are 5 types of meditation you can try out right now; mindfulness meditation, spiritual meditation, focused meditation, movement meditation, and mantra meditation. 

  1. Mindfulness meditation:

   Mindfulness meditation originates from Buddhist teaching. It's simply put, sitting down and observing your consciousness without interacting with it. You can do this type of meditation alone, so starting right now is possible. Further reading on this type of meditation can help you master the skill, or even watching youtube videos can help. An instructor is not necessary for mindfulness meditation, which is why it has become so popular.

  1. Spiritual Meditation:

   This type of meditation is preferred by the religious audience. If you want to feel more connected to your God or Universe that you worship, spiritual meditation will work out smoothly for you. It can be done in a place of worship or right at home. Similar to prayer, you focus on the silence that surrounds you and bask in the feeling of connection with who or what you worship. Essential oils are often used during the rumination, such as; sandalwood, cedar, and sage oils.

  1. Focused Meditation:

   If you want to improve your center of attention, focused meditation can aid you on your way there. Try focusing on something with one of your five senses. For example, focus on your breathing without thinking of anything else. Remain concentrated on the task at hand. You can also try counting a surplus of an item you have to practice focused meditation. If you lose track and get distracted by something, refocus on what you were doing and keep practicing this routine. Results are hard to see but with practice, it'll show insignificance.

  1. Movement Meditation:

   Movement meditation has a range of action in its doing. Going out for a walk on a sunny morning, practicing yoga, or even just doing laundry and folding clothes can be done in movement meditation. Soft movements are all a part of movement meditation. It is perfect for the person who believes activity can help you find your inner peace, or would rather have their mind wander while meditating.

  1. Matra Meditation:

   Mantra meditation is eminent in traditions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. The mantra meditation is exactly like its name. The practice is done by repeating a sound and focusing on it so your mind does not wander. The experience brings alertness to your mind. If quietness is not your piece of cake, the procedure can be both fun while guiding you on the path to becoming more observant as well.

   All 5 of these meditations can aid you in climbing the ladder of bettering oneself. You can use every method described or only one; to each their own. Overall, I hope that these techniques work for you, and have fun while testing them out!