Benefits of Sweat

Working out, mowing the lawn, or even just walking the dog on a summer day may cause you to sweat. If you’re an athlete, sweat is a sign of hard work and physical improvement. Let’s face it, trying to get your sweat on can be troublesome; however active sweating offer valuable benefits to your body and mind. 

The main purpose of sweat is to maintain your body’s temperature. As you rapidly bounce from one physical activity to the another, your body will definitely start to heat up. Sweating provides an elegant method to cool your body’s core through the evaporation of water which is produced by sweat glands on your skin. Running for thirty minutes on the treadmill would be much more daunting, and most likely, dangerous, if your body temperature was not regulated.

You may also want to know that sweating helps eliminate waste products like various salts and metabolites.  Interestingly the composition of sweat is similar to that of urine. The more you sweat, the more you are getting rid of the many breakdown products that are generated during physical exertion.

Sweating is also a sign of a stressful state, and that is exactly why it is beneficial. The stress caused from extended physical exercise and sweating will activate your body’s natural parasympathetic response to counterbalance this. Endorphins and other hormones are released as stress-induced hormones such as cortisol decrease. Because of this link between stressful states and the brain-pleasing effects produced during physical activity, a healthy body can literally increase your chances of having a happy mind.

If you’re convinced that sweating on a regular basis can be a sign of a healthy lifestyle, try including more physical activities and gradually increase the intensity. Some basic examples include running, hiking, cycling, and court games; more advanced techniques include circuit training and high intensity interval training. Check out your local gym or join a fitness group with your family and friends.

And if eye-burning is a problem as it is for me, you may consider an effective sweat-absorbing headband. It’s as easy as pie to slap one on before a good work out so that you can focus on your activities.

By Vincent Lam