About Us


How It All Started

Working in the medical field I saw the dire consequences of unhealthy life habits. Such observations affected me deeply and I wanted to make a permanent change to my own life. I decided to adopt daily physical exercise plans and diets that promoted health of the body and mind. As I began increasing my exercise levels I needed a way to block the sweat from stinging my eyes as I worked out.

My initial thought was simple: start wearing headbands. But most headbands failed to control sweat dripping into my eyes. Others gave me headaches from high tension or slipped off my head during workouts. How could this simple problem be so difficult to solve?

I was intent on finding a practical solution, so I began designing and testing my own headbands. After a year of trial and error, I finalized a design that I called "Qwickband" - for quick wicking. My family and friends encouraged me to make my passion into a business. Now my mission is to promote healthy lifestyles, one sweaty workout at a time.

Our Mission

I started this company with a simple mission: produce the best sports headband to control sweat. The goal is to improve and design new products to make a healthy journey more comfortable. Our core values are rooted in these mission statements:

  • Design and manufacture innovative products
  • Maintain highest quality standards
  • Empower people to pursue healthy active lifestyles