How To Put On Qwickbands

Our unique loop and button design allows you to put on and remove Qwickbands with ease. This simple low tension closing mechanism consists of elastic loops and a button.

Step 1: Place the Qwickband either on your head or below your chin with the elastic loops facing to the back. Then loop the elastic cord over the button.

Putting on the Qwickband Step 1


 Step 2: Pull slightly to secure the loop and button.

 Secure the loop and button of the Qwickband


Step 3: Adjust the band on your head for comfort. That's it!

 Adjust the Qwickband on your forehead

"Qwick" Tip:

For optimal sweat control, place the Qwickband at the mid-forehead level. This area contains the highest density of sweat glands in the face. Placing the headband high beyond the hairline will reduce the effectiveness of sweat control since perspiration from the forehead may run into your eyes. See the Design section for more details.